Think Globally, Connect Locally

One idea we have is to reach out locally within our own universities and local communities to see if there are local efforts we could help, both directly and by connecting them to global efforts. It is also bi-directional, we can benefit from anyone who is willing to help inform this community, e.g. through short topical meetings/seminars and/or discussions of what the research needs are for various COVID-19 activities. As always we should be careful not to add noise to efforts that appear overloaded, but find ways to be constructive, add value and start conversations.

The initial reaction of most institutions was naturally the health and safety of personnel and students and then “continuity of critical operations”. You may find that more of them are now trying to find ways to marshall their capabilities and make an impact. Reaching out to people within your local institution probably adds some “trust” value relative to strangers from another university or country. We are particularly interested in ways in which non-standard resources are being deployed to support new and creative efforts in the face of the pandemic and its effects. Here are some ideas for possible contacts you can make and questions you can explore within your own university or laboratory, and your local community:

  • Does your research computing have a policy regarding COVID-19 activities? Are they supporting only local researchers? Do they have resources that they would like to make available to the larger research community?

  • Are there researchers on campus who are producing COVID-19-related data that they would like to make available in open-access repositories? Are there data handling issues related to local COVID-19 research? (Including the use of national resources by local teams?)

  • Are there any new and innovative COVID-19 research collaborations that are forming between non-traditional partners on your campus?

  • Are there activities in your insitution towards temporary production of medical equipment to help deal with the shortfalls in availability for health workers? For example, efforts to produce personal protective equipment using 3D-printers, or ventilators and other associated items?

If there are web links related to any of these things, please include them in the summary below of the activities at your institution.

Efforts and Resources at Individual Universities and Laboratories