The Larger Scientific Community Responds to the COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus continues to spread around the world and risks overwhelming the health systems in many countries. We hope that you are all well and are taking the necessary steps to protect yourselves, your families and your colleagues.

The virus is having enormous direct health impacts on our society as well as other major indirect social and economic impacts. The full scientific research community and its rich set of tools are key to responding to these challenges. This website has been set up by some “Big Science” (particle physics and related fields) researchers, research software engineers and computational science researchers to:

  1. Make connections to enable (non-medical) researchers to contribute to understanding and combating this global problem and/or its economic and societal impacts. How can researchers with significant data analytics, machine learning, simulation, software, computing, hardware development and organizational skills contribute? Are there places where marshaling large “Big Science”-style distributed teams to tackle problems can be useful?

  2. Explore how all types of research activities can adapt and be effective in an era in which face-to-face meetings and travel are greatly reduced and conferences are being canceled. What are the lessons being learned and new ideas for how to approach this?

The website provides links to various information sources on COVID-19 related research, resources and research projects. We are curating information about, and promoting, various COVID-19 related projects done by this larger scientific community. (Please let us know if you would like your project added to the lists.) We are also actively engaged through discussion in the Slack channel and periodic meetings in building further connections and enabling related discussions.

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