Princeton University

Princeton researchers are engaged in a variety of COVID-19 related research projects. The University itself has recently funded a number of rapid, novel and actionable COVID-19 research projects

Highlights include:

  • Cristiano Galbiati, a professor of Physics, leads the Mechanical Ventilator Milano (MVM) collaboration. The MVM project is working to produce an open and simple ventilator design which is both low cost and can be constructed and operated easily in various countries.
  • Princeton postdoc Savannah Thais has organized a session at the (now virtual) April APS Meeting on the Response of Physics to the Coronavirus Pandemic.
  • A number of Physics, Mechanical Engineering and Neuroscience researchers have been working on the Princeton Open Vent Monitor, together with the regional hospital health care system in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. This is an open monitoring solution for use in field hospitals which might need to use older ventilator designs or assisted breathing devices that lack modern patient monitoring capabilities.