Coordination Team

This is a volunteer organization patterned a bit after the HEP Software Foundation, organized in a “bottoms-up” fashion. We list some of the people working to coordinate activities, build connections and engage additional people, but it is essentially a “do-acracy”.

  • Peter Elmer, David Lange, Henry Schreiner, Savannah Thais - Princeton University
  • Mike Sokoloff - University of Cincinnati
  • Ian Fisk - Flatiron Institute
  • Markus Elsing, Maria Girone, Lukas Heinrich, Mario Lassnig - CERN
  • Chris Tunnell - Rice University
  • Mark Neubauer - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Liz Sexton-Kennedy - Fermilab

If you are active, please feel free to add your name here.